Kalans Thalipodi

Brief Description

Henna has been used from ancient times both in India and Abroad, not only for the protection of hair, growth of hair and as a cure for skin diseases but as means for beautification. Kalans Thalipodi has been specially prepared using henna, green gram, shoe flower, vetiver and many other herbs. Besides, by the use of this specially prepared bath powder, you can be completely free from oil, dirt and achieve absolute cleanleness.



(For external use only)


  1. Phaseolus aureus – 20.500 gm/50 gm
  2. Hibiscus rosa – 4.500 gm/50 gm
  3. Azadirachta indica – 4.500 gm/50 gm
  4. Ocmum sanctum – 7.500 gm/50 gm
  5. Lowsonia inermis – 7.500 gm/50 gm
  6. Vetiveria zizanioides – 5.500 gm/50 gm


  1. Kalans Thalipodi must be mixed with water and make it paste.
  2. Apply both on the head and all over the body and take bath as usual.

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