Baby's Skin Care Oil

Brief Description

It is the dream of every parent to have children worthy of love, affection and admiration of all. A mother is often dejected when her baby is often dark complexion at the time of birth. To eliminate such anxieties and to improve the complexion in children, baby's skin care oil is highly effective medicine.

Some children, though having a fair complexion at the time of birth, gradually losses the skin tone as he/ she grows and in some cases they change to a dark complexion. In such cases the use of baby's skin care oil dramatically changes the color to a beautiful and attractive one.

This oil is also effective in curing dark patches on the face and dark color in the neck used by the use of ornaments and to prevent the appearance of itches and roughness on children's skin and to make it soft and bright in tone.

 Baby's skin care oil is made by mixing medicinal herbs (recognized to be extremely effective by medical science) and pure coconut oil in the right proportion and has no negative side effects whatsoever.

The baby's skin care oil is most effective in children below 5 years. For those who are above 5 years, this skin care oil may be used regularly for improving skin tone and complexion and general health of the skin. 


  1. Andropogon Exilis : 1.250mg
  2. Albizia Lebbeck : 1.250gm/100 ml
  3. Santalum Album : 1.500gm
  4. Cedrus Deodara : 2.500gm
  5. Curcuma Zedoaria : 1.500gm
  6. Cinnamomum Tamala : 1.500gm
  7. Vetiveria Zizanoides : 1.250gm
  8. Jasminumsambac : Q.S
  9. Nelumbium Speciosum : 0.500gm
  10. Milk
  11. Coconut Oil : 100ml


  1. Apply the oil all over the body, face and ears and take bath or wash using soap or green gram flour after about an hour.
  2. Do not apply baby's skin care oil on the scalp

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