Henna Hair Tone

Brief Description

Henna is a medicinal plant acknowledged and proved to be effective both by the ancient rishis of India and by scientists abroad for bushy, black hair and its quick growth.

This rare plant belongs to the botanical family of 'Litresia' and it is know in latin as 'Losonia' . Henna found all over India, is both pungent and bitter in taste. Henna which has the attributes of 'Kesyam' and 'Varnyam', is a miraculously powerful medicine in Ayurveda. Henna Hair Tone, prepared with henna as the main ingredient is a hair protector in every sense. This has been proved to be most suitable for hair protection according to both ayurveda and modern medicine.

In the production of this, many medicinal preparations and pure coconut oil have been mixed in the right proportion. This is one of the new products from the Kalans Products of the illustrious Kalan family. This medical lotion is well known and widely used both in India and abroad.


  1. an authentic formula


  1. While applying henna hair tone, massage the scalp with your finger tips so as to allow the oil to seep into your scalp and take bath after about 20 - 30 minutes. Using soap or green gram flour.
  2. This can be used as a hair oil to keep your hair well combed and in good shape.

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